What a world we live in now!  Full of unpredictability and change.  Changes we don't expect to have to make when planning a wedding.  We fix the date and move towards it.  Not anymore.  We need to keep our chins up and our chests out and we need to keep going.  We can do this. You can do this.  Stay positive and remember, no matter when your wedding is to be it will be the perfect day, just as it should be, with the person you love by your side. That's what matters.  

Just a few things to consider.  If you still have some time to go before your wedding, perhaps consider waiting just a little while longer before ordering.  I know you'd like to get things ticked off the list, and it's so tempting to order way ahead to stay organised, but we can't do things as we used to, these are different, changeable times. We ordered way ahead to avoid the stress of a last-minute dash.  Sometimes though, it's better to wait to avoid the stress.  I'll be here when you're ready to order.  Four weeks before the wedding is perfect timing and you'll have a good idea by then if you are good to go with confidence.  However, in saying all of that, if you are going ahead anyway, regardless, then by all means order now and I'll be in touch with your design proof soon.  

Some ideas that might help you avoid having to order a new candle.  Depending on your design, perhaps you could add a ribbon to cover the date. This will work well with designs that have the date towards the bottom of the candle.  Perhaps your florist could strategically place the flowers in the arrangement so that the date doesn't show, and won't be visible in your wedding photos.  Just a couple of ideas to consider before reordering.  

Remember, chin up! Chest out! And keep going, it will be okay. Promise! 

(For last-minute orders (i.e. if you need your order delivered within the next THREE weeks) please check in with Lynda before placing the order. You can contact her by WhatsApp message for the fastest response at 083 204 5655)