The story of the Unity Candles.

The story of the unity candles is one of symbolism, so the ceremony is suitable for civil ceremonies, church weddings, registry offices, destination weddings, or however you chose to celebrate your special day, the candles are a beautiful addition to the promise you make you make to each other on the day.

At the beginning of the ceremony you will both be invited to light the side candles - these represent you as individuals.  Later on, you will be invited to use the flame from the side candles to light the main unity candle symbolising your unity in marriage.  That’s when the Big Promise is made to love and cherish each other forevermore.  So romantic!

Do I need three candles or just one?

You need three candles which can come in several different sizes.  The side candles represent you as individuals, the main unity candle represents you as a married couple. 

Type One - A Main Unity Pillar Candle & 2 Slim Side Tapers.

The tapers are long, slim candles. (See sizes below)  This set will need either a stand or a floral arrangement.  I sell the stands here on the website, or you can speak to your florist about creating a display for you. 

Type Two - A Main Unity Pillar Candle and 2 Smaller Side Pillars. 

You don’t need a stand or a floral arrangement for this style unity set.  The pillars are stand-alone, so if purchasing a stand or floral arrangement is not in your budget, consider just placing the candles on the altar or table and scatter a few silk rose petals around the base of the candles.  Perfectly displayed without the extra expense.

Type Three  Tall Unity Pillar and 2 Standard size pillar candles. 

Tall pillar set - Side candles are 8cm x 20cm - Tall Unity Pillar 8cm x 25cm

Candle Sizes 

Standard Unity Candle - 8cm x 20cm

Side Tapers - 1.5cm x 23cm

Tall Pillar - 8cm x 25cm - Ivory only

What is a Slim Lighting Taper?  These are used to light the unity candles rather than remove the candles from the display or stand.  

Remembrance & Memorial Candles - Do I need one?

The short answer is no, you don’t need one, but you might like to have one.  Lighting a candle dedicated to those who have passed is a lovely comforting way to feel their presence on your wedding day.  You can have the candle lighting so they are present, just as your other guests are before you enter the ceremony area.  Or you can incorporate it into your Lighting Ceremony.  There is no right or wrong way, it’s about how you would like the ceremony to proceed. 

Can I include my family and/or children in the ceremony?

Absolutely yes!  Involving your children in the ceremony is just the sweetest thing.   After all, when it comes to your children, it’s their wedding day too.  You’re not just becoming a married couple, you have become a married family!  And imagine the photo opportunities when they are lighting the candles!  Priceless! 

 Got a question?

Ask Lynda by emailing or calling 083 204 5655

 Do my candles need to be personalised?

No, they don’t need to be personalised. It’s very much a personal decision, but in my own opinion, personalising the candles makes the promise you make to each other, when lighting the candles, even more, personal and special. 


Will I have my candles in time?

Yes! Yes! And Yes again!  I provide a fast, professional service, I don’t leave anyone waiting unnecessarily.  After all, a HUGE promise is going to be made when lighting the candles.  I don’t want you looking at the candles on the day and remembering that they caused you stress.  Good vibes only, and for that to happen your entire experience with will be fantastic.  That is my promise to you.

If, however, your occasion is less than  3 weeks away, please contact me to ensure it’s possible before placing the order on the website.  You can get in touch by email - or text/Whatsapp 083 204 5655 (preferable)

Can I collect my candles?

At the moment I am not offering a collection service.  All orders are shipped with An Post which is a tracked service and a signature is required when delivered. 

Do I ship internationally?

I'm afraid not at the moment. Covid19 and Brexit have created backlogs and delays so for now, I will only be shipping orders to an address in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. 

Why should I order from

If you are looking for a professional, friendly, helpful service, if you’d like updates on your order, if you don’t want to wait months, wondering if your candles are going to arrive on time, if you’d like a quality finish without the use of stickers or transfers, if you want a stress free experience, then you should order from

Specialising in custom designs and venue drawings, Lynda’s attention to detail is second to none whether it is a custom design or a simple unity set.  But don’t just take our word for it…check out our reviews on the website and Facebook.   Let our customers help you make your decision.