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This set includes 3 candles - the main centre pillar candle, and two side candles. (A choice of two long, slim candles OR two smaller side pillar candles) 

Optional extras 

Personalised packaging - a rustic style Kraft box with the couple’s initials, a small poem, and their wedding date.  (Perfectly gift packaged for safe storage before and after the wedding)***

A set of two lighting tapers to light the candles during the ceremony.

Extra tall slim side candles to include your children or the wedding party in the Lighting Ceremony 

Candle Info

Candle size - Main pillar candle 8/20cm - 90hr burn time. 

Slim side candles - 1.95/23cm - 6.5hr burn time 

Smaller side pillar candles - 8/15cm 70hr burn time

Candle colour Ivory and white

A stand is required to support the unity set with two tall slim side candles - a stand is not required for the main unity pillar and two smaller side pillar candles set - these are stand-alone)

(Stands are not included - used for presentation purposes only.)

(Additional candles will not be substituted for Remembrance/Memorial candles) (***The Personalised Packaging is made of sturdy, quality recycled cardboard - it is not a wooden box) 



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